I was born in 1967 in the Netherlands and grew up in Houwerzijl, a small village in the municipality of De Marne in the Northwest of the province of Groningen.

I have always drawn. In the 1970s I drew mainly animals and sometimes a portrait. I must have been twelve years old when I got my first tubes of oil paint and brushes. Not long after that I won a contest with a painted head of a horse.

In 1990 I became a member of a group of local artists. Every Monday night we came together to draw or paint a portrait.  
Over the years I have developed my own technique therefore I consider myself a self-taught artist.

I have worked with many different materials. Eventually I discovered that working with acrylics suits me best. One can work quickly with acrylics  and the quality of the current paints is extremely good.
I do prefer to draw with graphite pencils or with a fine liner.
Besides heavy paper made of 100% cotton and specially prepared paper for acrylics,  I also use Masonite or linen to work on.
I prepare the Masonite panels myself with a few coats of gesso.

Many visual artists have been inspired by others. Looking at art is one of my favourite activities.
I’ve always been impressed by the work of painters such as  Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Hans Memling, Michiel Sittow, Käthe Kollwitz, Lucian Freud en Andrew Wyeth.
Modern contemporary artists whose work appeals to me greatly are among others:  Matthijs Röling, Piet Sebens,  Pieter Pander, Tai Schierenberg, Jeffrey T. Larson, Daniel Sprick, Reinder Homan,  Erwin Olaf and Loretta Lux.

I hope you enjoy this website and that you will be inspired to create something new.
Maybe we will meet once in a museum or gallery.
Art makes life more pleasant.

Every now and then I offer work for sale or I paint in commission.

Are you interested, please contact me.

Zuidlaren, January 2019

Eisso Tjalling Huizinga